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We have responsive and vibrant branches all over India equipped with modern communication facilities to provide logistic solution at your doorstep. All the branches are managed by dedicated and experienced professionals. We are in process of equipping all our containers with global positioning system to track the movements and real time information of all vehicles.

With one of the widest network, the best goods movement facility and several added services to choose from, we are one of the preferred logistic solution provider in India. Along with surface, we provide movement of goods through Railways also. We have found that movement of goods through Railways has several advantages over movement of goods through road.

We combine road transportation with rail transportation to provide door to door, hassle free service to our customers where pickup and delivery is managed by our staff.

Some of the salient features of movement of goods through Road transportation are:

• Maximum 9 days lead time from any part of Maharashtra to any part of North East India
• Safe delivery with factory packed quality
• Bad road conditions, multiple transhipment, wet consignment is avoided

We offer following types of logistics services - Please click on respective category for detailed information:

Quality Policy:

We at SK Translines shall excel to excite our customer by providing innovative, customised and accessable services with introduction of latest technology applicable to industry and handled by competent professionals. We shall dominate through good HR practice and best customer service.

Customers Confidence:

• Focusing on optimizing logistics & Inventory cost
• Improving Transportation which is hassle free
• Reduced Cost
Finally, end result has delightment to their end customers for increased business volumes

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